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Our Car Seat Detailing service is designed to rejuvenate and restore the comfort and appearance of your vehicle’s seats. We use professional-grade cleaning products and techniques to deep clean and treat your car seats, leaving them fresh, sanitized, and looking their best.


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Elevate your driving experience with Clover Care’s Car Seat Detailing service. Our dedicated team employs specialized tools to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate your car seats. From vacuuming to steam cleaning, each step is carried out with precision, leaving your seats looking and feeling fresh.

Our skilled team of detailers works efficiently to deliver reliable and timely car seat detailing, ensuring your seats receive the attention they deserve. We take pride in our attention to detail and strive to provide exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We are committed to your satisfaction. If you have any specific concerns or preferences regarding your car seat detailing, please let us know, and we’ll address them to ensure your complete satisfaction. Restore the comfort and beauty of your car seats with our Car Seat Detailing service. Add it to your cart today and experience the difference of fresh, sanitized, and rejuvenated seats. Contact us to schedule an appointment and let our skilled team bring new life to your car seats, leaving them clean, comfortable, and looking like new.

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Vacuuming: Our process starts with a deep vacuuming of each seat, ensuring a comprehensive clean. We begin with the driver’s seat, then move to the passenger seat, backseats, and even the optional add-on, the boot.
Steam Cleaner Preparation: We set up the steam cleaner to release hot water (not steam). Following the same order as Step 2, we use hot water to soak each seat, effectively loosening dirt and grime.
Applying Upholstery Mix: Applying an upholstery mix, we ensure complete coverage over all the seats.
Drill and Upholstery Attachment: For meticulous care, we attach an upholstery tool to a drill. Using a circular motion, we gently massage the upholstery mix into the seats. The attachment is rinsed in the bucket if it becomes dirty.
Utilizing Steam Cleaner and Drill: We switch the steam cleaner back to steam mode. Applying more upholstery cleaner, we use the steam cleaner and drill simultaneously for a deeper clean.
Extractor Utilization: The extractor is utilized to remove trapped dirt from the seats. Using repetitive line motions, we extract water until it becomes clear.
Water Extraction: Once the desired outcome is achieved, we avoid releasing water from the extractor. Instead, we use the extractor to remove water from the seats.
Drying the Seats: We finish by meticulously drying all seats with a microfiber towel.
Applying Disinfectant and Air Freshener: The final step includes spraying disinfectant and air freshener to ensure a clean, sanitized, and refreshed environment within your car.

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Customization Tailored to Your Needs:

 Every car has unique needs, and our car seat detailing service is designed with that in mind. Our technicians assess your car’s interior to understand its specific cleaning requirements. Whether it’s pet hair, stains, or general wear and tear, we customize our approach to ensure that your seats receive the attention they deserve. This personalized care guarantees that your car’s interior looks and feels its best, catering to your specific preferences.

 Excellent Equipment for Superior Results:

At Clover Care, we believe that using the right tools can make all the difference. Our car seat detailing service benefits from our investment in advanced equipment tailored specifically for automotive interiors. From powerful vacuum cleaners to professional-grade steam cleaners and extractors, our tools are selected for their ability to achieve a level of clean that standard methods can’t replicate. Trust in our equipment to transform your car seats into a fresh and inviting space.

Comprehensive Allergen Removal:

Clean car seats are especially important for those who suffer from allergies. Our detailing process includes thorough allergen removal, creating a healthier environment for you and your passengers. By targeting and eliminating dust, pollen, and other allergens, we help reduce potential triggers and make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Enhanced Comfort and Enjoyment:

Clean seats not only enhance the appearance of your car’s interior but also contribute to your overall driving experience. Our Car Seat Detailing service aims to create a comfortable and inviting space for you and your passengers. Feel the difference of sitting in a fresh and clean environment that enhances your enjoyment of every journey.

Equipment and Tools used:

Our Car Seat Detailing service employs specialized equipment, including a drill set with attachments, upholstery spray bottles alongside an air compressor sprayer, a steam cleaner, an extractor, and a vacuum. These tools are skillfully used to provide a thorough and meticulous cleaning of your car’s seats, leaving them fresh and revitalized

Car Type– Car, Van, 7 seater car, Boot

Add Ons- Boot


  1. Enhanced Comfort: Clean seats provide a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.
  2. Health and Safety: Thorough cleaning eliminates allergens, germs, and odors, promoting a healthier interior environment.
  3. Preserved Value: Regular seat cleaning maintains your car’s resale value by preventing interior wear and tear.
  4. Improved Aesthetics: Clean seats contribute to a well-maintained appearance and a professional image.
  5. Odor Elimination: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and enjoy a fresher atmosphere within your car.
  6. Reduced Allergens: Deep cleaning removes dust, pollen, and other allergens, improving air quality.
  7. Longevity: Regular cleaning prevents stains and deterioration, extending the life of your car’s seats.
  8. Ease of Maintenance: Cleaned seats are easier to maintain, making future cleaning tasks simpler.
  9. Enhanced Driving Experience: Fresh and clean seats enhance your overall driving enjoyment.
  10. Personal Satisfaction: Enjoy the satisfaction of a clean and inviting interior every time you step into your car.


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