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Service Overview:

Our Paint Correction and Scratch Removal service is designed to restore the beauty of your vehicle’s paint by eliminating imperfections, such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. We utilize advanced techniques and premium products to achieve a flawless finish and rejuvenate the appearance of your car’s paint.

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Discover a renewed radiance for your vehicle with Clover Care’s Polishing/Scratch Removal service. Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing your vehicle’s appearance by identifying and meticulously treating scratches and imperfections. Using specialized techniques, we bring back the shine to your vehicle’s surface, leaving it looking polished and refreshed.

Our experienced team of detailers works diligently to deliver efficient and reliable service, focusing on achieving exceptional results with every paint correction project. We understand the importance of restoring your vehicle’s paintwork to its former glory and take pride in our commitment to excellence.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have specific concerns or areas of focus regarding paint correction or scratch removal, please let us know, and we’ll address them to ensure your complete satisfaction. Restore the beauty of your car’s paint with our Paint Correction and Scratch Removal service. Add it to your cart today and enjoy a flawless and revitalized finish. Contact us to schedule an appointment and let our skilled team transform your vehicle’s paintwork, eliminating imperfections and bringing back its showroom shine.

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Identify and Prepare: Our expert team starts by identifying scratches or imperfections on the surface of your vehicle. Once located, we thoroughly clean the area to remove any dirt and debris.
Application of Scratch Removal Compound: A specialized scratch removal compound is applied to the affected area using a soft cloth.
Gentle Circular Motion: With utmost care, we gently rub the compound in circular motions over the scratch. This process is repeated until the scratch becomes less visible.
Finishing Touches: Excess compound is wiped off, and the area is buffed to a shine, leaving behind a polished and improved appearance.

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Personalized Assessment and Care:

Your car’s exterior is unique, and our approach is tailored to its specific needs. Our technicians conduct a thorough assessment to understand the extent of imperfections and the best approach for restoration. We consider factors such as paint type, finish, and depth of scratches to ensure that the results exceed your expectations. This personalized care guarantees that your car’s exterior shines with a brilliance that’s unmatched.

Preventing Further Damage:

Scratches and imperfections are more than just blemishes; they can lead to further damage if left untreated. Water and contaminants can penetrate these areas, causing rust and corrosion over time. Our service not only restores the appearance but also acts as a preventive measure against potential future damage.

Boosting Confidence in Your Car:

A well-maintained exterior adds to your confidence as a car owner. Our Polishing and Scratch Removal service doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your vehicle; it boosts your confidence in its overall condition. You’ll find yourself eager to show off your car’s stunning exterior to friends and passersby alike.

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  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: Experience a polished and well-maintained appearance for your vehicle.
  2. Preserved Quality: Regular cleaning guards against dirt buildup, extending the longevity of your wheels and tires.
  3. Enhanced Durability: Consistent cleaning safeguards wheels and tires from corrosion and wear, prolonging their lifespan.
  4. Enhanced Safety: Clean tires offer improved grip and traction, boosting driving safety.
  5. Maintained Value: The careful upkeep of your wheels and tires contributes to your vehicle’s overall resale value.
  6. Professional Image: Pristine wheels add to your vehicle’s professional appearance.
  7. Reduced Upkeep: Clean wheels are simpler to maintain, facilitating future cleaning endeavors.
  8. Detailed Care: Well-maintained wheels reflect your commitment to your vehicle’s overall well-being.
  9. Easy Inspection: Clean wheels allow for easier identification of potential issues such as cracks or damages.
  10. Driving Satisfaction: Enjoy a smoother and more satisfying driving experience with clean and well-maintained wheels and tires.


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