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Our Power Washing – Roof service is specifically designed to remove dirt, moss, algae, and other unsightly debris from your roof, restoring its cleanliness and appearance. Using specialized equipment and techniques, our dedicated team effectively and safely cleans your roof, leaving it looking fresh and well-maintained.

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Efficiency and Reliability:

Our power washing roof service is designed to breathe new life into your roof. Using state-of-the-art equipment and effective cleaning solutions, we’ll thoroughly cleanse your roof, removing dirt, debris, and unsightly stains. Our process ensures that your roof not only looks better but also stays protected against potential damage.

At Clover Care, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient and reliable service. Our experienced team completes roof power washing projects with utmost professionalism, utilizing the right methods to achieve exceptional results. You can trust us to respect your time and complete the job in a timely manner, ensuring that your roof is thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We are dedicated to your satisfaction. If there’s anything we can do to improve your roof power washing experience, please let us know, and we’ll go above and beyond to address it. We are committed to providing top-notch service and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the results. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we will make every effort to exceed your expectations. Renew the appearance of your roof with our Power Washing – Roof service. Add it to your cart today and enjoy a cleaner, more visually appealing roof that enhances the overall beauty of your home. Contact us to schedule an appointment and let our dedicated team revitalize your roof, leaving it looking pristine and well-maintained.

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Equipment Excellence: We utilize top-notch power washing equipment that’s tailored for roof cleaning, guaranteeing efficiency and safety.
Weather Consideration: We wait for dry and stable weather conditions before initiating the cleaning process to ensure the best outcome.
Preparation: We start by setting up a secure ladder on a flat surface near the roof, ensuring the safety of our technicians.
Debris Removal: Loose debris, leaves, and branches are cleared from the roof’s surface using a sky vac, setting the stage for a thorough clean.
Effective Rinse: A wide spray pattern is employed to rinse off initial loose dirt and debris, preparing the roof for further cleaning.
Safe Approach: We exercise caution while aiming the spray upwards to prevent water from getting under shingles.
Stubborn Stains Solution: For roofs with mold, mildew, or tough stains, we apply a suitable roof cleaning solution, allowing it to break down the grime.
Focused Cleaning: Switching to a more focused spray pattern, we clean the roof in even strokes, ensuring consistent results.
Attention to Detail: Areas with stains and buildup receive special attention, ensuring no spot is left untreated.
Thorough Rinse: A comprehensive rinse removes all cleaning solution and ensures a clean and refreshed roof.
Caution: We’re careful around roof vents, chimneys, and other roof protrusions to prevent any damage.
Natural Drying: Your roof is left to dry naturally, embracing the elements to reveal its revitalized appearance.

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Affordable Excellence:

We believe that maintaining a clean and well-kept roof shouldn’t break the bank. Our services are thoughtfully priced to ensure that you receive top-quality care without compromising your budget. We bring you the best of both worlds: affordability and excellence.

Efficiency You Can Count On:

Time is of the essence, and we respect your schedule. Our efficient processes ensure that your roof is cleaned thoroughly and effectively, all while minimizing disruptions to your daily routine. With Clover Care, you can count on a swift yet detailed approach.

Professional Care for Lasting Impact:

Your roof’s appearance matters, and so does its health. Our skilled technicians not only make your roof look like new again but also ensure that harmful elements are removed, preserving the integrity and longevity of your roofing materials. Expect professional care that delivers lasting impact.

Equipment and Tools Used:

Our approach to roof cleaning is marked by precision and efficiency. To begin, we employ a Sky Vac to meticulously clear debris from the roof’s surface, ensuring a clean slate for the cleaning process.

The heart of our methodology lies in the use of professional-grade power washing equipment, thoughtfully engineered for roof cleaning purposes. This specialized equipment guarantees the effective and secure elimination of debris and grime, leaving your roof rejuvenated.

Aligned with industry-leading techniques, we incorporate mild yet effective cleaning solutions. These solutions are chosen for their gentle impact on your roof’s integrity while effectively eradicating stubborn stains and preventing the growth of biological matter.

With our dedicated tools and expert techniques, your roof receives thorough care, transforming its appearance while maintaining its structural well-being

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  1. Thorough Debris Removal: The Sky Vac efficiently clears away leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris from your roof, preventing clogs and potential drainage issues.
  2. Enhanced Longevity: Regular debris removal through Sky Vac helps prevent the buildup of moisture-trapping materials that can accelerate roof deterioration and decay.
  3. Pest Prevention: Removing debris with Sky Vac minimizes nesting opportunities for pests like birds, rodents, and insects, reducing the risk of infestations.
  4. Uniform Cleaning: Power washing complements the Sky Vac’s debris removal by uniformly cleaning the entire roof surface, ensuring consistent results.
  5. Effective Stain Removal: Power washing efficiently eliminates stains caused by algae, moss, and mildew, restoring your roof’s original appearance.
  6. Preventive Maintenance: Regular roof cleaning using Sky Vac and power washing helps identify early signs of damage or wear, allowing for timely repairs.
  7. Energy Efficiency: A clean roof reflects more sunlight, reducing heat absorption and potentially leading to lower cooling costs during hot seasons.
  8. Curb Appeal: A clean roof enhances your home’s curb appeal, giving it a well-maintained and attractive appearance that contributes to its overall value.
  9. Healthier Environment: Removing algae and mold through power washing creates a healthier environment around your home, minimizing potential allergens and irritants.
  10. Improved Insulation: A clean roof provides better insulation performance, helping to maintain consistent indoor temperatures and energy efficiency.


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